Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Does Our Service Cost?

Nothing! We will take your case under a ‘no win, no fee arrangement’ meaning that you pay nothing for our services, whether you win or lose the case.

How Do I Know If I Can Claim?

You can only claim compensation for personal injury or vehicle damage if another person or organisation is at least partly to blame.

What Happens When I Make A Claim?

You will speak to one of our experienced team, who will assess your case immediately, give you an instant decision and guide you through the claims process.

Who Will Deal With My Claim?

You will have your own personal injury claims specialist, who will be responsible for your case.

What Happens If My Vehicle Is Damaged In The Accident?

We will arrange for your vehicle to be collected and repaired. If your vehicle is undriveable we will arrange for your vehcle to be stored at one of our approved bodyshops and provide you with a replacement like for like hire vehicle. If your vehicle is driveable, we will arrange to have it inspected by an independent engineer to assess the damage.

How Much Compensation Will I Get?

It is virtually impossible to provide a figure as it depends upon the severity of your injury and the contents of your medical report.

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